Quality Assurance

In today's most challenging business environment, Information Technology is playing a very important role to success. To meet challenges of business, companies are now realizing importance of stable performance, security and optimum downtime of any application. Thus the need for testing an application is very crucial. Quality Assurance is not a one phase of SDLC , but it's an integral part of a whole life cycle. Quality assurance activity must be planned, analyses, designed, developed and executed for the world class product. Our independent Software Quality Assurance & Testing service provides best solutions with faster delivery at optimum cost.



  • Potential cost benefit

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Lesser involvement of business users

  • Strong knowledge of finance domain

  • Align with customer's business goals & objectives

  • Unbiased & "out of box" approach

  • Strong experience in exploratory testing

  • Strong defect detection efficiency

  • End to End Software testing services

  • Expertise in complex business application testing

  • Expertise in high level database testing

Independent Validation & Testing Services

We have the complete outsourced solution for all your software testing needs. We have expertise in testing of all types, from Static Analysis to more Technical Integration Testing, System Testing and all other functional & non-functional testing.

Application Security Testing

Businesses around the world are leveraging the web to perform various critical operations. New technology comes with it's own security threats. Our security testing solutions effectively eliminate these threats. To effectively address all security vulnerabilities in application we use intelligent tools for code review, which found critical vulnerabilities earlier.

We use the following techniques for performing Security Testing
  • SQL Injections

  • Tampering

  • Cross Site Script (XSS)

  • HTML/XML Injections

  • Session Testing

  • Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF)

In current business environment, demand for more complex and dynamic solutions in less time within limited resources is high. And this is particularly true in finance I industry, where the need for RIGHT software is critical. Our User Acceptance Testing service helps business users to choose FIT FOR PURPOSE Software solution. Our domain expertise will help you right from the requirement definition stage to the successful implementation of solution.

ERP Testing & Validation

Nowadays, ERP has become an integral part of every business. Its smooth and effective operation has become very important. We offer ERP Testing service across the life cycle of ERP project. Our domain expertise and experience enable us to deliver quality with speed and cost effectiveness.

Health check of Test Process

Effective & efficient QA team is an important factor of any software company. We offer assessment service to check whether your test team structure & processes are adequate or not. We also help you to develop your best strategy & to optimise your test environment to maximize the benefit from your QA team.

Following are the key areas we assess, which are essential for any QA team
  • Policy & Processes
  • Issue logging, Defect tracking tools
  • Test environment
  • Testing types & techniques in place
  • Test Case Management tool
  • Latest trends in industry