ANN Networks offers a wide range of Java development services. We have a team of highly experienced Java developers who have successfully delivered numerous complex web & enterprise applications, Web APIs & mobile apps, blockchain implementations & microservices to international clients.

Over the years, we have developed numerous web applications for clients from India. These apps belong to diverse domains such as social media, micro-finance, sports & leisure, e-commerce, productivity, fitness etc.


What We Do?

Platform Independency

One of the USPs of Java is platform independence, which means that Java applications are not dependent on any platform. It has its own platform which is known as Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


Java was designed to be secure from the group up. It provides the concept of security policies which are environment specific authorization rules. These rules are checked by the JVM before executing.


Java is robust i.e it has built-in error handling mechanism. Java applications can gracefully manage runtime errors and continue the execution using the predefined alternative course of action.


Java is multi-threaded i.e. it provides the facility of concurrent processing. This facility is a must for web and enterprise applications which receive concurrent requests from their users.

Rich ecosystem

Java has a rich ecosystem of frameworks and libraries. This ecosystem makes it an attractive option for application developers.