We are a Data Science organization ideated and nurtured by a passionate team that includes experts with decades of experience in Pharma / Healthcare / Insurance industry, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, that has lived and breathed dealing with huge volumes of data.

Our advanced and intensive data science solution drives you to take right decisions for your business. We help you to get in touch with quality thereby eradicating all sorts of barriers. Our platform is built on a huge collection of data sources which permit you to get access to large volume and distinct sorts of data.

Our model is based on a unique approach of combining the deep business domain (clinical, commercial, supply chain) and consulting expertise with advanced analytics and technology. This allows us to address both the strategic and highly specialized functional focused business challenges our clients are facing. We deliver based on a highly customer focused and tailored approach in a flexible and agile model.

We provide distinct data management, advanced analytics solutions, and reporting for biotech and pharma companies. Our customer-centric cutting-edge solutions range from basic analytics to AI/ML based solutions that helps in streamlining the application delivery, enables faster troubleshoot analysis and optimum reduction of manual tasks. As an extended team of your company, we offer access to best-in-class capacity, speed, and high availability infrastructure that are proven to meet your company's unique needs. Our high standard platform comprises pre-built applications, products and solutions for Medical, clinical affairs, HR, finance and commercial domains.


What We Do?

Take Control of your Data

Our data-driven, decision-making integrated AI/ML based platform which is technology agnostic and potential scenario planning helps you elevate your business to the next level. Our scalable platform is competent to address your prospective opportunities and next-generation needs. We take control of data management in all disciplines that defines your future business aided by our flexible and bespoke functionalities.

ML and AI Open-Source Software Stack

The ML/AI Open-Source Software (OSS) Stack comprises of R, Python, and Julia libraries. Popular ML packages such as scikit-learn, tensorflow, pyTorch (Python), caret, e1071, nnet (in R), JuliaML utilities are pre-configured within the solutions and can be executed in-database.

ML and AI Open-Source Software Stack

All solutions are backed by a High-Performance Computing (HPC) architecture stack that comprises of NVMe and GPU based AWS EC2 instances for fast I/O, multi-core parallel processing and deep learning capabilities via GPU integration.

Web Frameworks and Visualisation

Web-frameworks from the Javascript world, the industry and enterprise standard, power all of ANN Networks Software applications. Our full-stack team leverages well-known solutions such as Angular, Ember, React, and Node.js to deliver functionality-rich interactive front-ends for end-users to make use of the underlying machine learning capabilities.