Bigdata Hadoop

Our data management, cloud and software solutions help you better manage all of your data assets for faster insights and action. The ANN Networks Liquid Data platform is the industry’s most advanced, most utilized and most imitated end-to-end consumer planning to activation solution. It comes with hundreds of integrated data sets for use in our public cloud solution and can be further enriched with client data in a tailored private cloud.

Gain improved insights from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources. We work closely with you at every crucial step of your data journey: from strategy to development to integration and optimization.

With Hadoop, ANN Networks caters various industries with design, architecture, and development to meet their mission-critical and large-scale data processing needs. With specific requirements entailing to the respective sector, we provide tailored data processing solutions powered by Hadoop.

ANN Networks Liquid Data comes pre-integrated with the industry's richest datasets across sales, consumer behavior, media, social, environmental, causal and dozens of other datasets. No more information siloes. No more cutting and pasting. No more multiple versions of the truth.


What We Do?


Our entire portfolio of business solutions are available to you on demand on our infrastructure.

  • Syndicated and proprietary solutions are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Access all of our cloud applications quickly and within a unified visual experience.
  • Tap into our vast partner datasets through our cloud solution.


Maximize the value of your solutions with easy global access to insights from any desktop or tablet device.

  • Across browsers and platforms, access disparate data types that are optimized for CPG and other data sources.
  • Better data access across roles and departments provides more proactive business management and growth performance.
  • Connect the right information to the right users when and where they need it.


Our capabilities. Your private version. All our data, tools and visualization integrated with your proprietary data. Safe and secure.

  • Combine your proprietary data assets with ours in a private cloud behind your firewall.
  • Access all of our cloud applications quickly and within a unified visual experience.
  • Tap into our vast partner datasets through our private cloud solution.


All of our applications are custom-built and client-driven, giving you access to insights quickly and easily.

  • Get new insights with intuitive visualizations.
  • Personalized tools ensure the right people can access the right data.
  • Just a click or two takes you through a wide variety of insights.