Business Intelligence

In today’s information age, data is generated in thousands of tera bytes every day. This data contains lots of hidden information and patterns buried inside them. Many organisations still are not able to take full advantage of this hidden source of wealth with them.

We with our experienced team of BI Team, led by 18 plus years of experienced BI professional look at the data for any organization be it Bank, Retail, Hospital, Manufacturing company or other organisation and build a comprehensive system in which historical data is cleansed, stored, categorized and made available for various kinds of Information users across the organisation.


This helps Executives make quick, informed and accurate decision which help make them acquire new business, increase profitability or retain a potential customer to go to another company. With expertise in Dash boarding, Charting, Pivoting and KPIs developed suiting an organisations need we help the information made available on finger tips for no technical users and executives. It helps steer an organisation’s Business Strategy in the right direction across all the departments.

Leveraging our long-term expertise and successful track record, ANN Networks is uniquely positioned to help you develop or re-engineer your Business Intelligence strategies and the data architecture that help you a true winner in the current and future competitive business environment.