A digital transformation is more than just a technology upgrade – it is a statement of intent By its very nature, it demands organizations to think bigger and be bolder in their investments and strategies. Aligning digital transformation to objectives and business needs will help ensure organizations achieve better results quicker. It can play a vital role in transforming business processes and operations to increase efficiency, drive out costs and optimize overall performance. The benefits are considerable and far-reaching.

ANN Networks with our alliance partner Oracle help clients to deliver successful transformation programs by bringing a balanced approach of business expertise and technology to the table. Our Acertar Software Powered Enterprise approach provides a direct route to advanced organizational design, leading technology and operating models. It creates a fully re-designed business function, based on leading industry practice, and confers the power for continuous transformation into the future. Our experience ensures we not only understand the risks associated with a complex transformation but, more importantly, how to overcome them efficiently and effectively.


What We Do?

Leverage the cloud for sustainable growth

New business strategies. Aging technology. Increased transactional processing. Cost pressures. Talent scarcity. Growing customer demands.The pace of disruption is growing faster. You need to think ahead to stay ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Management (EPM)

ANN Networks offers Powered Enterprise Management (EPM) cloud-based solutions, a faster, smarter way to transform your business. With Powered EPM, you can pull together a range of data and incorporate sophisticated analytics, helping you to gain better insight, and improve performance all the way to the bottom line.

Drive enterprise performance to the next level

Business leaders say the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years.1 To respond to today's pressures and adapt swiftly to tomorrow's, businesses need to become more performance centric. Value lies in the ability to drive performance across the enterprise ¬from optimizing your operations and functions to getting the most from your data and technology.

Unleash the full power of the cloud

Many organizations see the cloud as a prime enabler of transformation. While many understand that investing in cloud computing can improve efficiencies, businesses are realizing that simply plugging into a new piece of technology might not bring about the value they expected. Unlocking the capabilities of cloud technology means looking carefully at how best to use it to meet your business challenges. It's an opportunity to change, but you don't necessarily want to start from scratch. That's why we offer ANN Networks Powered EPM solutions with cloud technology.